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The one destination offering seamless access to the world’s most coveted hotels.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: Luxury Hotels are complicated to select and book.


Noble is an invite-only travel brand focused on the top luxury hotels in the world. We build products that make travel-planning and hotel-booking frictionless for our global membership of premium travelers who all share a common frustration with incumbent travel agencies.


We launched the Certificate program to provide our members access to incredible offers and planning flexibility at some of our favorite Luxury Hotels in anticipation of our app launch. The Certificates come with preferred value and are entirely flexible up to 5-years validity, and don't require travel dates; perfect for the current situation.

Fixing the option overwhelm

Paris has up to 113 five-star hotels, according to TripAdvisor and Which one to choose? Five-star has lost its meaning - the modern luxury traveler cares beyond the metrics and far into the intangibles.

Noble partners with exceptional Hotels worth staying at and that are leading in their respective markets. We don’t limit ourselves to a specific category like many do; we include the grande dames, the luxury brands, and the best boutique Hotels. We ultimately care about the quality of the experience, and that has no categorization.


We are nostalgic about when luxury Hoteliers knew their guests. They knew all about your likes and dislikes to create the perfect stay. Now, due to mass distribution models, guests have become mere numbers. We are dedicated to bringing back the art of hospitality by leveraging technology and the personal touch to make your experience similar to a frequent guest on every stay, even at the first one.