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Certificate Terms

The site is a distribution platform operated by Noble through which a Hotel opts to sell Hotel Value Certificates and other services. Noble Stay INC has a contracted right to distribute the Certificates on behalf of the Hotel; however, Noble Stay INC is not an agent of the Hotel. Hotels are the providers of the offerings/services you can redeem the Hotel Value against and are solely responsible to you for the care, quality, and delivery of the offerings/services (room, dining, spa, etc.).

Certificate purchase refundability. 

  • An unredeemed certificate is refundable within 14-days after purchase.
  • After 14-days or if the certificate has been redeemed, it is strictly non-refundable unless otherwise stated by law or initiated by the Hotel or Noble at will. 

Certificates can be applied to new reservations only: This means that you need to make the reservation directly with the hotel AFTER the certificate purchase. For clarity, you cannot apply the certificate to an existing reservation. 

The redemption booking must be made directly with the hotel: This means that you must contact the Hotel directly on the email or phone number listed on the Certificate to make a booking, and you must tell the Hotel at the time of booking that you will use a Noble Certificate for payment. For clarity, you CANNOT use the certificate if you book through a third party. 

Certificate can be redeemed on any public room-rates, packages, or offers bookable directly with the Hotel:

  • This means that you can use the Certificate Value on any public rate, offer or package which is made available on Hotel public channels like its official website. A public rate is defined as a rate made available to anyone without any type of qualification, membership, or log-in.
  • If a rate is privately negotiated or otherwise not available through a public Hotel channel without qualification, the rate is not valid for redemption. For example, corporate rates are excluded from redemption.
  • The Hotel has a right to ask for a credit card to guarantee your reservation, even if you are using the Certificate to pay for the booking.
  • The booking adheres to the standard rate rules and availability of the rate-type/package/offer on the dates of your requested redemption. See examples:
    • If you, for example, make a booking with a flexible cancellation and cancel within its period, then the Value will be released to use at a later time, as per standard rules for the rate type.
    • If you, for example, make a non-refundable booking with a cancellation fee and no-show, the Hotel may be entitled to deduct from your certificate value to cover any such cancellation fee, as per standard rules for the rate type.

The Certificate Value can be redeemed on in-house Hotel operated incidentals such as Restaurants, Spa, Room Service, etc., in conjunction with a certificate redemption room stay.

  • See under “Redeem On” what is available for redemption at each specific property in addition to the Room.
  • The Hotel needs to operate the service for it to be valid for redemption with the Certificate. If it is an externally operated service, even if its on-property, it is not valid for redemption. The Hotel will generally always note such externally operated providers under “Hotel Specific Terms” on the Hotel listing. However, the operation of Hotel service providers like restaurants may change from time to time, so the most up-to-date information can be provided by the hotel at the time of booking.
  • The incidentals need to be spent in conjunction with a Certificate redemption room stay. This means that you cannot use the Certificates on incidentals alone without being a Hotel guest, and the room-stay you are a guest under needs to be done as a Certificate booking.

The Hotel decides how to allocate the Certificate Value on the final bill. This means that it is entirely up to the hotel what type of services, room, spa, dining, etc. that it decides to apply the value to in conjunction with the redemption stay. This is relevant when the final bill exceeds the certificate value as it will then be up to the hotel to decide what items the certificate pays and what is settled cash.

Third-party service providers and gratuities are always excluded from redemption. This means that any third-party service provider like driver services, guides, personal trainers, babysitters, and gratuities are excluded from redemption, even if added to the final bill. 

Hotel Specific Terms & Exclusions: In addition to the terms herein, the hotel may add Hotel Specific Terms & Exclusions, which are specific to each Hotel listing. These terms are listed under “Certificate Terms” on the Hotel listing. You can find it in the information section below “what the press is saying” on both desktop and mobile. 

A certificate can be transferred or gifted by first notifying the Hotel or Noble.

  • A transfer needs to be pre-approved by the Hotel. 
  • The Hotel/Noble may require specific procedures and require identification like your passport to proceed with such transfer. If you cannot properly identify yourself as the owner of the Certificate, your transfer may be refused. This is in your best interest to avoid any risk for fraudulent behaviors.
  • The transfer must happen privately and non-commercially; this means that you CANNOT resell a certificate on any type of website or otherwise. If violated, the Hotel can refuse the transfer. Noble will actively monitor sites like eBay for any attempts of re-sales.
  • The Transfer can only happen on an un-redeemed Certificate; if partly redeemed, a transfer is not possible. 

It is prohibited to list a certificate on any type of website, listing service, or otherwise. For example, eBay, craigslist, web-forums, etc.

  • This means that you CANNOT list a certificate on any public channel with the intent to sell, resell, or distribute. If that is the case, you lose all right to transfer the Certificate permanently, and Noble automatically suspends your membership.
  • For clarity, you CAN privately transfer or gift a certificate to friends and family. See above. 

Call-back of certificates: A Certificate can be called-back and voided by Noble and/or Hotel in specific cases. In such a case, the Client is refunded the paid value of the Certificate in full, and the Certificate is voided.

Pricing and availability relating to certain Offerings, Products, and other available programs on the Site may change at any time in Noble’s sole discretion without notice. 

Descriptions of the Hotel Offerings are provided by the Hotel or other referenced third parties and edited by Noble. Noble does not investigate or vet this information. Noble is not responsible for any claims associated with the description of the Hotel Offerings, Services, amenities, procedures, and other communication regarding the hotel listing. This includes opening dates, from prices, and the availability of on-property services like restaurants, spas, etc. 

Availability for redemption is upon availability and request with the Hotel over the dates requested. Noble does not imply or in any way guarantee the availability of the Hotel. Noble is not responsible for any claims associated with an unavailable or closed Hotel.

The Hotel is responsible for providing the service for redemption: The Certificate Value is redeemable for certain goods, services, or experiences offered by, or facilitated through, the Hotel identified on the Certificate. The Hotel is solely responsible for redeeming the Certificate. Furthermore, the Hotel is fully and solely responsible for the care and quality of all goods and services it provides to you and for any and all injuries, illnesses, damages, claims, liabilities, and costs (“Liabilities”) it may cause you to suffer, directly or indirectly, in full or in part, whether related to the use or redemption of a Certificate or not. You waive and release Noble Stay INC. and its subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, officers, directors, employees, and agents from any Liabilities arising from or related to any act or omission of a Hotel in connection with your use of a Certificate or the goods, services or experiences a Hotel provides in connection with the Certificate.