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What is Noble?

We are an invite-only travel brand focused solely on the top luxury hotels in the world. We build products that make travel-planning and hotel-booking frictionless for high-end consumers, starting with the Noble Certificates.

Why is the platform invite-only?

We are invite-only because hotels give preferred treatment, rates, and access to qualified and closed membership groups, like Noble. We vet and invite, who we believe, are high-end travelers to the platform to keep a close-knit community.

What are the Noble Certificates?

The Certificate are simple: they are like gift cards redeemable with our hotel partners. However, they come with a staggering 50% more value and a minimum of 3-years validity, perfect for taking a trip today, tomorrow, or as an investment into your future travel life.

What is Noble's relationship with each hotel?

Noble is a preferred partner of each hotel on the platform. We work with them to provide special offers to our members.

What is the process?

The process is simple. You purchase the Certificate at your selected Hotel, and the total value is automatically deposited in your name directly with the Hotel and available for immediate use. You will also receive a Certificate over email confirming your total value and the redemption contact details. When you are ready to redeem, you do so through the Hotel’s VIP reservation team over phone or email. We have close partnerships with each of our Hotels to ensure you are a priority guest.

Is the payment for the Certificate sent to the Hotel now or upon redemption?

After purchase, Noble transfers the payment you made for the certificate directly to the Hotel - Noble don’t hold funds long-term. The Hotel will hold the funds and the total Certificate value safely for you until you are ready to redeem.

How do I purchase a Certificate?

Simply pick the hotel you'd like to purchase from, select the Certificate value, add to cart, then check out using any major credit card.

How would I know the optimal value to select?

The value you select for the Certificate should correspond to the approximate cost of your future stay. This will vary depending hotel, your room-type preferences, the dates you foresee to redeem over, and your length of stay of course. The best way to get an idea is to look at the hotel website for the rates available around the period you plan to travel and approximate from there. The value can also be used on most hotel services like dining and spa, so remember to calculate that in!

Note: If you purchased too much, the remaining value after redemption is saved for a later stay on your account with the Hotel. If you purchased too little, you could always pay the outstanding with the Hotel directly.

How and when is the Certificate delivered?

Instantly after your purchase, we will send you an email with a digital PDF copy of the Certificate, which confirms your total value with the Hotel and provides contact details to the Hotel’s VIP reservations team. If you have not received the Certificate a few minutes after purchase, please check your promotions/spam inbox and reach out to us on the chat or

When is the value available for use with the Hotel?

After purchase, the total value is automatically deposited in your name with the Hotel and available for immediate use. See the FAQ section on redeeming certificates for how to book.

Is the Certificate refundable?

The Certificate is refundable up to 14-days after purchase given it has not been in use; after the grace period, the Certificate is non-refundable.

What are the Certificate terms?

Noble has developed a set of standardized terms that applies to each Hotel participating on the platform. This is to make sure it’s simple to buy and redeem the Certificates. You can read the full standard Certificate Terms here. You can also see a summary of the Certificate terms on each hotel listing.

Can I gift a certificate?

Yes, it is the perfect gift. Please purchase like normal and reach out to us on and we will issue a new certificate reflecting the name of the recipient to who you wish to gift it.

Can I transfer the Certificate?

You can transfer the Certificate by reaching out to us or the Hotel and provide the name and email of the new certificate owner.

Can I purchase a higher Certificate value?

In some cases, yes. Simply contact Member Services at or reach out to us on the chat, and we will be glad to assist.

Can others buy under my login?

That is technically possible; however, we encourage you to instead reach out to us with the referral, and we will provide them with an invitation to join as your invitee.

How many Certificates can I buy?

There is no limit to the number of Certificates you can buy overall; however, each specific Hotel has limited inventory.

What if I would like to recommend a hotel for the platform?

We are actively bringing on new hotel partners, so we love to hear your recommendations of which Hotels to add next. Simply contact Member Services at or reach out to us on the chat.

How do I redeem a Certificate?

To redeem, simply contact the Hotel's VIP reservations team at the email or phone number listed on your Certificate copy. The dedicated team is on standby help book and plan your stay.

In addition, the hotel concierge team can help plan your transfers, activities, dining reservations, and other arrangements.

When can I redeem a Certificate?

After purchase, the total value is automatically deposited in your name with the Hotel and available for immediate use. You can choose to make your reservation right away or anytime later within its validity. Each Certificate is valid for a minimum of 3 years from the purchase date, giving you ample time to plan and redeem.

Can I redeem on all rates and offers with the hotel?

You can redeem all rates, offers, and packages which the Hotels have made publicly available on its official website. Which basically means all public rates. Please be mindful that this does not include privately contract corporate or group rates or third-party rates.

Can I redeem on outlets and services like dining and spa?

Yes, you can redeem on most on-property outlets and services like restaurants, bars, spa, minibar, room service, etc. However, please be mindful of two limitations. One, services and outlets not managed by the Hotel can be excluded from redemption. Two, the spending needs to be in conjunction with a certificate room-stay.

Can I apply multiple Certificates to one booking?

Yes! Simply let the hotel know and provide them with all the Certificate IDs you would like to apply towards your booking.

Does the full Certificate value have to be redeemed at once?

No. Any unused balance will remain on your account with the hotel until the expiration date listed on your Certificates. When checking out at the hotel, please be sure to ask them to provide you a copy of your account balance.

Can I redeem my Certificates for cash?

Certificates are not redeemable for cash, nor can any remaining balance be refunded in cash.

What if the hotel is not operating during the dates I want to travel?

Due to government restrictions, some hotels may not be operating or not accepting travelers from certain regions until further notice. If you are looking to travel right away, we recommend that you check where nationals from your country or regions are allowed to travel to, and purchase Certificates from hotels that are marked OPEN on our platform.

What steps are the hotels taking to ensure safety?

Each hotel has either implemented or is taking new actions to ensure guests' health and safety. When purchasing your Certificates, please review the current steps in place at the hotel under the CLEAN + SAFE section on the hotel's page.

What if a hotel permanently closes or changes ownership or operator?

The Hotels on the platform are leading in their respective markets and some of the most fiscally stable. Most are owned by strong financial backers like investment funds and run by strong operators. The likelihood of closure or transition, resulting in a loss of value for you as a consumer, is minimal. In the rare event that closure or change of ownership occurs, the Hotels are obligated to notify us and refund any unused Certificates to our members. For further assurances, we advise that you purchase separate travel insurance.

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